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Lincoln Bourbon

Lincoln Bourbon

The Battleground Bourbon Blend is crafted from a unique process that starts with the finest Connecticut grown dark Broadleaf tobacco available. The tobacco is harvested in August and slowly air cured in wood sheds for three months. After the tobacco leaves have been stripped, the leaves are placed in bundles that undergo a natural sweat for a period of at least one year. The leaves undergo A second six week sweat under 140 degrees. This process is duplicated naturally in wood case for an additional six months. The leaves are then graded according to size & color and tied in hands.  

After the hands have been pulled and conditioned they are inspected again before being released to the rollers table. After the cigars have been made they are placed in Bourbon barrels to age.

The oak Bourbon barrels contribute a spicy note; while the maple wood Bourbon barrels add an additional layer of sweetness that is noticeable in the finish. The result is a cigar with an unique depth of character & complexity. The process is a costly & time consuming practice that delivers a cigar of exceptional complexity and smoothness.
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    Lincoln comes in both Boxes and Bundles, as well as Bourbon and non Bourbon. Click on the options to see the different sizes that we offer.


SINCE 2000
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